• 5 days to slow down

    to rediscover your beloved

    to spend relaxed time together

    to learn simple tools to make Love thrive

  • For you and your beloved

    Do you remember the last time you dedicated few days just for you and the person you love? No friends, no work, no children, only the two of you?


    We invest time, energy and money in our projects, our work, our house, our family and often give for granted the base, the foundation, the love and the quality of being together.


    This retreat is a gift to your love. A space to rediscover the beauty of being fully present with your beloved.


  • The journey

    In our vision love resides inside each one of us and is available at any time. It's up to us to open ourselves to it and create an inner and outer space to nurture and share it. A space of Being, a space of presence.

    A simple path yet rich of challenges. Distractions, resentments, expectations, projections rise so easily in our daily life that during this 5 days we’ll dedicate time to unwind those obstacles in a safe, gentle way and gain our freedom.


    This retreat will support us to connect with ourselves, to look at who we think we are and go beyond that. Beyond any definition, who am I?


    We will have moments for us as individuals, for our relationship and for others. We will look at the stars and feel the warm sun in our skin. We will cook together and eat healthy, delicious food. We will breathe and dive into our hearts.

    There will be moments to be wild, to laugh and to heal. Moments to learn how to communicate and listen, how to go over dramas with care.


    We will spend time in nature, nurturing ourselves with its beauty and looking at it as our home, our provider and teacher. You’ll experience that taking time to just BE with yourself and with your beloved is highly transformative.

  • 1


    Who do I think I am and how can I love myself?

    This questions will guide me to rediscover the most essential of all relationships. The one with myself.


    My tribe

    I'm not alone, my sister and brothers are with me.

    Moments to connect with my tribe. What are the common challenges we have, how can we support each other?





    Who are you? It's nice to meet you again and anew.

    The couple comes together, getting to know each other with new eyes.



    Who are we? How can we be together and intimate?

    Each couple will practice different ways to be together, connecting to the present and to the heart.



    We are not alone. We are a circle that supports one another.

    This last day is to come together as a group, to be with each other and depart empowered for our daily life!

    Link to Terms and Conditions: https://beingretreats.com/legal
    Link to Terms and Conditions: https://beingretreats.com/legal