• Our vision

  • We live in a society based on doing and achieving. Rarely we dedicate time to purely BE!

    Even during holidays we plan several activities to keep us entertained.

    Few moments of pure relaxation are left!


    Being Retreats are spaces where you can slow down and relax. Nothing to do, to process or achieve.

    Each retreat is directed to different aspects of our life. Gently diving in them to find the treasures within.


    Discover the different Being Retreats we prepared for you!

  • The pillars of our retreats


    Nature is our source of inspiration. We will spend time in nature, singing under the stars, around the fire and having relaxing walks.

    Silent Listening

    "The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear" Rumi. We will practice and experience the connecting and healing power of silence.

    Heart Connection

    In our heart lies our true nature and by opening it up, by reconnecting to this inner power we reconnect to our infinite source of love.

    Healthy Food

    Preparing and eating delicious vegan meals will be one of our daily practices. It will help us to be present, creative and in contact with ourselves.

    Body Wisdom

    Our body is a bridge between presence and being. It's our home and it speaks to us, supporting us to understand and move beyond our limits.

  • Me, a complex being, full of beliefs, full of stories and experiences. And if this is not me? If I take all of this away, then what remains? Who is the one that resides in the silence?


    The one who lives in the heart and whispers silently. In this journey we will rediscover ourselves in our beautiful complexity. We will connect with our emotions, with our dilemmas and dreams. Most importantly we will go beyond all this, into the nothingness. ​

    Rediscover your relationship. A 5-day journey for couples that wish to connect in a harmonious way and learn simple tools to bring a space of love and togetherness in their daily life.


    We will have moments for us as individuals, for our relationship and for others. We will look at the stars and feel the warm sun in our skin. We will cook together and eat healthy, delicious food. We will breathe and dive inside our hearts.

  • Tools

    Healing Awareness

    The greatest agent for change

    Once you become aware, consciousness starts to flow in and lighten all up. This is how healing happens. Ones you allow transformation to happen and you put your attention there, energy starts to move and to heal. We are witnesses to our body’s ability to heal itself. Tuning into our energy body is easy, quick, and can switch our emotions and health in a few moments. By intentionally doing this we can truly change our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In a few simple steps, you can bring a feeling of peace into your body. You can move in a new direction that will guarantee you are inviting ease, flow and even “miracles” into your life.


    Conscious warrior intimacy

    A powerful tool for self-knowledge and transformation. We use it to know more ourselves, our strength and our inner power and learn to use it consciously in the relationship with others. A unique formula that combines wrestling and mindfulness.

    Wrestling to engage the body and the strength in a safe and respectful way. Mindfulness to observe what happen on a deeper level. What emotions are triggered, what unconscious patterns become evident and how can I play (my life) in a different way. We train our conscious warrior to develop inner peace.


    A conscious way of life

    "Tantra is the natural way to God, the normal way to God. The object is to become so completely instinctual, so mindless, that we merge with ultimate nature – that the woman disappears and becomes a door for the ultimate, the man disappears and becomes a door for the ultimate." Osho


    When we find in ourselves the part that is missing we feel complete and blissful. This is a practice for all of us, alone or with a partner, it's an inner journey of self discovery. A journey that will awaken you to truth and self realization. Awareness, timeless and naturalness are the keys to this keyless door.

    Possibility Management

    Upgraded thoughtware

    A powerful catalyst for change in the physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic obstacles blocking you from being at your full potential. It works by converting inner barriers into fertilizer, opening doorways that allow you to access a more truthful way of expressing yourself and bring into the world your message.

    Working with specific exercises, this context provides incredible transformation in a safe profound way. Ones you engage to look at yourself all which is not true is revealed and released.


    Cacao Medicine

    The healing plant of the heart

    In the ancient central American tradition, cacao was a sacred medicine. A medicinal dose of pure, raw, unprocessed cacao paste, melted in hot water. This brings us into a state of mind that invites us to listen to the voices of our hearts and enter a full body experience of relaxation and presence.
    Cacao is known as a medicine and a teacher that brings health and vitality into our physical, emotional and energetic body. A ceremony can be a creative celebration and more importantly a door opener to deep emotional healing and visioning spaces that strengthen the qualities of connection, truth and harmony within us.

  • Benefits

    - An ability to be still and present and expand your inner silence and peace which gives an expanded sense of joy and the capacity to be grateful for and celebrate your life.


    - A capacity to recognize and fulfill your needs in alignment with your true values.


    - Learning how to let go of a fear-based perspective by recognizing and confronting your fears and becoming responsible for your darkness and transforming it into wisdom.

    - Eliminating believes that limit you improve self love and the connection to yourself and to your loved ones. Gain the ability to connect and make intimate and deep, authentic, heartfelt contact with others by listening and sharing from a vulnerable, honest space.


    - Heal traumas and their effect on your body, health and well being by feeling your emotions, listening to the body wisdom and reducing the dominance of the mind.

  • Testimonials

    "I'm 54 and I wish I would have been participating to this retreat 30 years ago. Realizing that my emotions are not bad and that I can deal with them, voice them without feeling wrong and judging myself was revealing! Now I can welcome better the feeling of others and especially the ones of my son. Our relationship is now much more light and relaxed." Michael

    "I was amazed by Tania and Matteo! So young yet so mature in what they do. They shared beautiful stories from their life and the practices that help them to feel connected and in their power. I could relax and overcome the mistrust that I usually have in my daily life. It was a remarkable experience." Fabian

    "The retreat helped me to see how many expectations I've about myself and about my partner. I could finally see how this cause many of the struggles in our relationship! Now every day I'm more aware to share my feelings and not build resentments." Lovisa



    "So simple and powerful. Being in nature, relaxing, slowing down had such a beneficial effect on me. Connecting with other women, sharing our difficulties and finding communion. And cooking together was so fun and inspiring. Every time I cook now at home I reconnect with that joy and lightness." Sarah



  • Who we are

    We are Tânia and Matteo and being with ourselves and together is a very important aspect of our lives. By being present we connect with what is, live it fully, accept and express it. It's the moment we put aside expectations, desires and struggles and allow what is to unfold its own beauty. It's when we connect with our hearts and exist from there.

    Tânia Coelho

    Early in my life I started searching for a different way of living, of learning and being. I was rarely fulfilled with my discoveries until I said: "enough with searching, now I want to be". I could then relax and enter on an inner journey of accepting who I am as I am. I enjoy living a peaceful, relaxed life focused on being more than doing and this is what I wish to transmit.


    My academical background is in art and energetic healing, Reiki and CEO. I believe that healing can take place in different ways and finding the most appropriate for each case is my field of creation.


    In Being Retreats I will share my knowledge about self-healing and on how to connect with our hearts. My desire is to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and full potential. No more feeling bad about ourselves and needing to reach certain standard! I wish us to rise in our glory has sisters, mothers, wives and most important women!

    Matteo Tangi

    With the question: "what is my true purpose?" many years ago I left my home to start a journey of discovery. Passionately I've been seeking the answer, traveling to more than thirty countries, meeting inspiring teachers, exploring different ways to live and different paths of personal development until one day something changed in me.


    I felt I was too harsh on myself. I needed to slow down, To do less, to have less, to achieve less. Instead of searching for myself I decided to be with myself. A great challenge for a mover and shaker like me. Luckily I had the peaceful presence of Tania who supported me in this transition. Today I'm working as a trainer and therapist, holding space for others to unfold their gifts.


    During Being retreat I will focus on the reconnection between our bodies and our emotions, our strength, and our feelings. Playfight, Cacao Ceremonies, and Possibility Management are the tools I will share and use.

    Link to Terms and Conditions: https://beingretreats.com/legal
    Link to Terms and Conditions: https://beingretreats.com/legal